Pro Shop 

From tennis rackets to racket stringing and accessories, the Santa Monica Tennis Center is a one-stop shop for your tennis needs.  We also have an out-of-store demo program and full-service racket stringing operation with a 24  hour turn around.  ​

Racket Stringing

We offer full-service racket stringing with a 24 hour turn around.  We even offer same day stringing when possible.  Your racket will be custom strung to your needs based on your personal preferences.  If you need help selecting the right string for your racket, we can help.  Our shop carries name brand strings ranging from natural gut to synthetic.  

Did you know?  Rackets should be re-strung at least every 6 months for maximum playability and to help prevent tennis elbow, rotator cuff tendonitis and other arm injuries.  



Quality Multifilament or Polyester:  $42
Hybrid Synthetic Blends:  $42
Hybrid Natural Gut & Synthetic/Poly:  $50

Natural Gut:  $70

Basic Synthetic Gut:  $32

Tennis Rackets  

Need a new tennis racket? Look no further. With competitive prices and a wide selection of rackets to choose from, our pro shop customer care reps will help you select the right racket.  We exclusively carry HEAD rackets and have their most up to date models in stock.


Try before you buy! With our complimenary out-of-store demo program, you can try one of our rackets to see if it's a good fit. A valid driver's licenense and credit card are required to demo a racquet.