Youth Tennis Programs

We offer classes for kids ages 4 and up. Our specialized youth coaches provide a creative and fun environment while teaching tennis FUNdamentals and imparting their love of the game. We instill a joy in learning that lasts a lifetime! 

At the Santa Monica Tennis Center we make tennis fun and we get results! We guarantee your child will leave our classes with a new sense of self-confidence, incredible skills, and a big smile! Our classes are the most exciting and effective anywhere, bare none! Come see what everyone is raving about and try one for yourself!


​Hot Shots 1

(4-6 yr olds)– A 45-minute to 1-hour adventure into a creative and stimulating learning environment unlike any other. Our Hot Shots I class is designed to build a child’s self-confidence, stimulate creativity, critical thinking and collaboration while developing gross and fine motor skills. Like all of our youth classes, Hot Shots I supports and utilizes the USTA “Quick Start Tennis” (QST) program, using QST tennis balls.  Appropriate size courts and equipment help ensure your child’s success and make tennis easy and FUN!

Tues:  3:45 pm (45 min)       Sat:     1:00 pm (1 hr)

Thur:  3:15 pm (45 min)       Sun:   12:00 pm  (1 hr)


Single Class:  $27  (45-min class)

Single Class:  $32  (1-hr class)


Session rate:  Sign up for 8 or more sessions and

receive the session price of $22 per class for

45-min classes & $27 per class for 1 hour classes.


Hot Shots II

A 60-minute interactive class where students learn by doing. Our philosophy is “repetition is the mother of success” and motion creates positive emotion. In this class, all players will learn the fundamental strokes, positions, scoring and basics of match play while utilizing our continuous movement philosophy to keep things fresh, fun and exciting for players and parents alike!


Mon:  4:00 pm     Tue:    4:30 pm     Wed:  4:00 pm     Thu:   4:00 pm

Fri:     4:00 pm      Sat:    2:00             Sun:   1:00

Single Class:  $32 

Session rate:  Sign up for 8 or more sessions

and receive the session price of $27 per class.


Hot Shots III

(60 minutes) - Our third level of youth development classes and a fun one! Players fine-tune their strokes and knowledge while playing lots of fun and challenging games designed around the application of their tennis skills. Whether you are on your way to the US Open or just wanting to enjoy the recreational side of tennis, there isn’t a more exciting and confidence inspiring environment to hone your skills, make friends and develop a passion for the game!


Mon: 5:00 pm      Tue:  5:30 pm      

Thu:  5:00 pm      Sat:   3:00 pm

Single Class:  $32 

Session rate:  Sign up for 8 or more sessions

and receive the session price of $27 per class.