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About Us

Court Strength offers programs to tennis players of all ages and skill levels in our full service facility. Lessons are taught by professionals on a private court. Our clientele consists of individuals new to the game, touring professionals and everyone in between. 

We are dedicated to serving the needs of aspiring tennis players by offering a wide array of programs while having the flexibility to develop personalized workouts.​


Our philosophy, unique training style, and top notch staff is what differentiates us, and it's what we chose to embody in our company name and logo.  Whether you are a recreational, competitive, or professional player, we are here to help you achieve your COURT STRENGTH.


Court Strength's team has the best tennis and fitness experts in the business.  Located all on-site, each player has the opportunity to be on the court with both a professional tennis coach and top fitness trainer.  Together, the team can customize an integrated training program for each individual player both on and off the court to maximize the player's potential.​
​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our Philosophy

Traditional tennis training revolves around technical stroke production. Top-level players may incorporate conditioning off the court, however, it is typically in the form of a generic fitness program. Court Strength believes that regardless of your tennis level, every player deserves a comprehensive and customized training program with four functional components that are designed to meet each individual player's needs:


1. Technical Skills    

2. Strategy & Tactics

3. Functional Fitness

4. Mental & Emotional 


Court Strength's facility, consisting of a single tennis court and private gym, provides a perfect training atmosphere allowing players to transition on and off the court to seamlessly integrate​ their tennis and fitness training.

​Court Strength Tennis Court

Our tennis court is a hidden treasure tucked away behind a shopping plaza in beautiful Santa Monica, CA.  The court has its own unique history.  It was originally built more than 70 years ago as a part of the house adjacent to our facility.  The court is virtually a Santa Monica city landmark and the only commercial use tennis court on the west side of Los Angeles. The court was recently resurfaced and is a regular training ground for the areas best junior, collegiate, and professional players.



​Video Tape Analysis​

Court Strength staff members have the use of a multi angle video tape analysis system.  Action on the court is constantly being recorded for later analysis by our coaches and trainers.


This allows a player and coach to immediately walk three steps off the court and review strokes and matchplay without having to take lengthy breaks or change venues.


After a player sees what needs to be worked on they can step right back on the court and take their game to the next level. 


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